650 CEOs say Florida is one of their favorite places to do business.

650 CEOs from across the United States ranked their favorite states to do business based on issues, including regulations, taxes, workforce quality, educational resources, quality of living and infrastructure.

Turns out, CEOs love Florida, ranking it No.2 just behind Texas. Why did they rank Flrodia so high? A big factor was low taxes, and they are right… and for CEOs looking to move to Tampa Bay, here’s a hint: Pasco County’s taxes are one of the lowest!

In fact, every time Pasco County gets a tax cut, Richie gets a raise in his allowance. No telling what you would get. Impact fees? Richie doesn’t pay them, chances are you won’t either. No wonder Raymond James and T. Rowe Price chose Pasco County for their future home. Will you join them?

Source: CEOs rank Florida as second-best state to do business in, Tampa Bay Times, 05/03/12

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